General professional content

Development of thermal scheme of thermal power plant, ensuring normal operation of plant equipment, installation of new equipment, design of modification project of main and auxiliary equipment, design and development of necessary solutions and functional schemes for plant and production practice, stabilization of operation and maintenance of steam and water heater boilers, routine maintenance, acquire professional skills such as improving the operational capacity of working equipment.

In the field of work of graduates

We will work for state and private sector companies in the field of repair, installation, and operation adjustment of modern low, medium, and high capacity thermal power plants and thermal plant main equipment, steam generators, steam and water heater boilers, and steam turbines.

Thermal power plants are not only in cities, but there are many in rural areas, and small and medium-sized enterprises that provide services for small and medium-sized industries now operate low-capacity thermal furnaces and generators that generate heat using modern technology.

You can work as a specialist in domestic and foreign projects in the field of energy. Our school currently has an order to train about 80 specialists from public and private sector companies.