1. Opportunities to waive full tuition:
  • Accomplishment in National Olympiad
  • First place in national and international competitions in sports and arts and other certain fields
  • Students who scored more than 700 points in the National Enrolment Exam /ЭЕШ/
  1. Other Opportunities

In addition to receiving education loans and other government student benefits

  • 20%-50% scholarship – 6 consecutive seasons with CGPA 3.8 or more
  • 10%-100% scholarship – Leader student
  • 30%-50% scholarship – Accomplishment in sports, arts etc.
  • 25% discount – Family discount
  • 5%-100% – Friends discount

The student assessment procedure specifies the percentage of discounts due to the student’s academic performance and sports

There is a 50% discount on tuition fees for students with more than 6 consecutive semesters with an “A +” grade, and up to 100% for students with an “A +” grade for 7 consecutive semesters. There is a tradition of rewarding students with certain achievements in arts and sports

In the 2017-2018 academic year, on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the school’s founding, all students ‘tuition fees were reduced by 40-70 percent, and intellectual investment in students was a major economic support for the students’ families.

In addition, the school administration has provided tuition discounts in order to solve students’ social problems and to motivate students, which has had a positive effect on the efforts of all students.