The legal profession is one of the first professions in the world, and it has played a role in coordinating, managing and leading the complex and multifaceted social relations in the historical development process of mankind for thousands of years. Traditions, beliefs, morals, and laws that have been followed since ancient times are not only the source of legal science, but also developed as the umbilical cord.

In this era of development and multifaceted social relations in which we are born, not only the value of the legal profession, but also its demand is growing.

As technology develops and the division of labor changes, many professions will become unnecessary in the future, but there is no way that artificial intelligence will replace this profession called “lawyer”. Because the balance of human rights, freedom, justice and equality can only be established by the beliefs and feelings of an intelligent person.

We ask all students who are studying the legal profession to study hard every day for the goal they have set themselves in order to master this honorable profession.

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