General professional content

The basic professional knowledge of economics, business management, and administration will be studied in conjunction with the operations, organization, and unique features of the tourism industry, and the skills of efficient planning and rational management of tourism management will be mastered.

Also, in particular, perfect command of the English language at the level of speech and writing, and the ability to personally implement and manage activities to promote and introduce the country’s unique geographical structure, natural beauty, historical and cultural heritage, and the customs and lifestyle of its people to the citizens of the country and abroad.

Our students do internships at the “Melodia Tour” travel company, which is the production training base of our school.

In the field of work of graduates

Worked as a travel manager, translator, guide, specialist in the state administration and local organizations, English, Japanese, Korean, and Chinese language translator and interpreter, foreign relations officer in enterprises and official organizations, project worker-translator, and researcher translator in international organizations. In addition, you can start your own tourism business.