General professional content

Graduated with the ability to design, install, use, and repair water, heat supply, sewage systems, heating, air exchange, and air conditioning systems in urban areas and all types of buildings.

Mastery of Graduates

  • The owner of the program will become an expert with the following skills. Plan the design of construction plumbing equipment and pipelines, manage, implement and design installation, operation and maintenance works according to budget and plans 
  • Design and implement according to customer orders 
  • Detecting, diagnosing, repairing and measuring plumbing equipment malfunctions 
  • To carry out the use and service of modern software-controlled comprehensive systems 
  • Be able to read and understand and use drawings of construction equipment for plumbing and engineering facilities, as well as develop design documents according to standards. 
  • To think about engineering calculations using modern software, to read formula symbols, drawings and diagrams necessary for the production process 
  • To master the basic methodology of research and analysis at an appropriate level 
  • Organization of production work based on modern theoretical methods of management, ensuring effective operation of work branches and brigades 
  • Ability to work in a team, build a team, implement project management, and have leadership skills 
  • Understand communication strategies and structures, graphical and written reporting, and basic interpersonal skills 
  • Be able to use professional information in a foreign language