The holder of the automobile engineer qualification shall acquire the knowledge, skills and practices of automobile repair and service technology, technical services, use of repair equipment and traffic management to international standards.

Graduates of the “Automotive Operation and Auto Industry” major will be able to organize and carry out repairs and services of automobiles used in all sectors of the country, as well as solving problems in the automobile industry such as improving automobile operation, improving traffic safety, and improving traffic management. Will be prepared to design and perform academic work.

The auto engineer will organize the work of mechanics in auto repair shops, auto garages, and car sales centers, place cars, order spare parts, and analyze the needs, use, and integrity of spare parts. In addition, he is responsible for the use of machinery in auto service centers, public and private institutions, provides advice, diagnoses and repairs defects, presents work and proposals related to the supply of tools and products and other activities to the appropriate level of management, and performs machine repair and assembly. Develop and confirm budgets, plans, schedules, and schedules for investment in work, major and current repairs of equipment, etc.

Mastery of the graduate

To be able to use computer and special programs, have good memory, spatial awareness, plan, invent, model, calculate, challenge oneself and develop new things, and be able to continuously learn, teach, and manage to constantly develop knowledge.

Be responsible, observant, logical and practical minded, precise, make the right decisions, have physical and psychological patience, be able to work individually and in a team, have a technical and creative mind, and be able to handle workload.