May you all have a peaceful day. In the era of the 4th industrial revolution in the history of mankind, in the era of rapid development of information technology and computer science, the electronic use of information is required on a wider scale. In this regard, the world is moving to an electronic system, and each country is aiming to create a National Spatial Information Infrastructure that can be used by many users and shared multiple times. In Mongolia, the issue of building the National Spatial Information Infrastructure of our country to keep pace with the rest of the world has been intensifying since 2013.
It has been 4 years since SGM has trained geodetic engineers, who are the generators of location-based information that is essential for this project and is the basis of all socio-economic information, and 2 years since it has been training mining operation engineers, who are the leaders of the national economy and the main experts in the mining industry. is
During these 4 years, more than 160 specialists were trained, 93 percent of them are working in their profession and 15 percent are working in government organizations.
We are developing and implementing a development strategy until 2025 with the goal of becoming a domestic leading school that trains internationally recognized geodesy and mining engineers.
Our scientists, professors and teachers are ready to support and teach you to become a highly educated specialist who will keep pace with the development of science and technology in the field of geodesy and mining, and the doors of our school will always be open.

Director S.Enkhtuya