Today, we live in the peak of human civilization, the era of high-speed technology. Skilled architects and engineers determine the level of development and face of the country. We, teachers are justifiably proud of training these important experts. SCA of NTU honorably fulfilled its sacred duty of training specialists in the field of higher education and successfully completed its 7th graduation this academic year.

In the academic year 2020-2021, structural changes have been made at NTU, and the Department of Building and Highway Architecture has expanded into the School of Building Architecture. Our school implements Civil and Industrial Construction Engineering, Architecture, Environmental Engineering, and Highway Construction Engineering programs and conducts day, evening, and night courses and has trained more than 2,000 engineers. Currently, more than 600 students are enrolled in doctoral, master’s and bachelor’s degree courses.

We are very happy that dozens of the best engineers who have graduated from our school are working successfully in the prosperity and development of our country in the four directions of Mongolia and are proudly raising the honor of our school. In the future, we are developing a strategic development plan until 2025 and working hard to become one of the leading schools in the country that trains internationally recognized engineers.
Dear future engineers our scientists, experts and professors are ready to support and guide you to become a highly educated specialist who will be a leader in the construction of Mongolia, keep pace with the technological leaps and bounds of the 21st century, and determine the future development. We invite you to choose our school.
Good luck to you all.

Bayanmunkh Director of SCA, NTU